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Why Managed Computer Services?

We’ve found that so many Companies seem to buy computers and install them into their network and for the first few months the computers are fast and responsive…

Many Companies don’t have any maintenance whatsoever carried out on their computers and for this reason the computer will start to become a little slower every day. As this is such a gradual decline in performance it’s not really noticed until one day frustration makes you go out and buy new computers because you’re spending more time waiting for something to happen than you are getting work done!

We monitored a few computers in average Company environments where no maintenance had been carried out, although the local computer company had been called out a few times on “break fix” visits. We found that the best computer slowed the user down by 11 minutes an hour and the worst wasted 23 minutes of the user’s time which included a reboot.

Just by wasting 11 minutes of the user’s time in an hour this worked out to 88 minutes, almost an hour and a half per day which is nearly a day per week. This doesn’t account for the amount of time it takes someone to get back into their work after waiting for a computer to respond and making them lose their train of thought.

This may seem a little extreme but it is the norm in so many Companies.

The three main things that we find cause computer problems are:

  1. A lack of maintenance (general housekeeping)
  2. Not updating Windows operating system with service packs, patches and security updates – not updating system drivers
  3. Viruses & Malware due to non-existent, out of date or free, non-business class security software

Failing hardware also causes issues if not detected


So how do we deal with this?

We install a monitoring agent on all computers in a network and configure it to monitor just about everything that we believe could cause an issue including: Anti-Virus installed, active, up to date and scan results. Windows Updates. Performance monitoring including memory, cpu and hard drive. Windows services. Critical events. Drive space. Hacker attack and many more.

All maintenance is carried out weekly – All patches and updates are installed as soon as they are available – Our system notifies us of any critical issues immediately

This is all carried out in the background without affecting the logged on user

Many computer issues that are found can be resolved automatically by our remote management software and any of these resolved issues will be included in the price

If you require us to login to your systems remotely to resolve any issues that cannot be automatically fixed, this will be chargeable & much cheaper than a call out

Computers that have an agent installed on them from new will remain within 10% of their best available performance

Computers that have an agent installed after they have been running for 6 months or more, we usually manage to get them to within 25% of their best available performance

(this can take a few weeks to reach this goal)

If you’re interested in the great benefits that our Managed Workstations Service brings, contact us and we may be able to get you setup the same day!


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